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Forming part of one of the major mountain ranges in Africa, the Simien Mountains rises to the highest point in Ethiopia at Mount Ras Dashen (15,157ft/4543m), and boasts several other peaks above 13,123ft (4,000m).

The Simien Mountains National Park is known for its dramatic landscapes and spectacular scenery comprising deep canyons, escarpments, dizzying precipices, and jagged spires and pinnacles caused by millions of years of erosion.

There are a variety of trekking options, ranging from one-day hikes to treks lasting 10 days; most routes will pass through the small villages and cultivated fields dotted about the lower valleys before reaching the plateaus and high altitude areas, from where the views are breathtaking. The park is home to a variety of rare endemic wildlife, including the walia ibex (a type of mountain goat), the Simien fox and troops of bleeding heart gelada baboons that live in the cliffs. Large birds of prey, such as the lammergeyer, can also be seen.