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In Gondar it is celebrated around the bath / pool of king Fasilides.

In the eve holly Tabot, a replica of the Ark of the Covenant, is taken from each church to a central area accompanied by priests bearing prayer sticks and Sistra, huge mass of keen believers.

The process is gorgeous affair containing brilliantly colored umbrellas, Priests, and deacons’ wearing blue vestments bedecked with gold brocade. The debteras (church choirs) march ahead of the procession Singing and dancing with the rhythm of the church drums (keberos) and the rattle of the Sistra. When the procession reaches where it stays, the Tabot is place in a tent specially reserved for it where it remains during the night. People spend the whole night praying, feasting, singing and dancing. The ringing of bells and blowing of trumpets, and winging bronze censers from which wisps of incense smoke escape into the evening air.

The following day the church officials, resplendent in their gorgeous regalia, assemble around the Tabot and sprinkle holy water over all the Christians present and receive the renewals of their vows. Then the congregation follows the bishops, elders and clergy as the Tabot is carried back to the church.